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Slurry Divider

The Slurry Sample Divider is used to split slurry or liquid samples of less than 20 litres into sub samples. The sub sample can range from 50% – 50% to 20% – 80%.

The machine consists of a main frame housing a top loading hopper, a flexible discharge hose and an adjustable double leg chute with two receival buckets. For ease of movement the machine is mounted on castors.

All parts in contact with the slurry or liquid are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel while the frame and cladding are constructed from galvanised steel.

The Slurry Divider is powered by 240 volts and is controlled by a water proof IP 56 electrical isolator.

Slurry Rotary Sample Divider

This apparatus has a capacity to produce 1/10th samples from a 10 litre sample of coal slurry. It has the flexibility to deliver the sample into
1 x 1 litre or to 10 x 1 litre jars.

This machine only requires compressed air and 240 volt power and is fitted with purging and cleaning sprays reducing the likelihood of any contamination.

The operating speed complies with the Rotary Sample Divider parameter as noted in the Australian Standard. All parts are manufactured from stainless steel apart from the cabinet which is powder coated providing a long maintenance free life.