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Auto Sample Preparation Plant

The Wallerby Mining Products Auto Sample Preparation Plant has been designed to crush and divide coal samples decreasing the processing time and significantly reducing operator handing.

The machine is capable of handling a sample mass of between 10kg and 90kg in one process

The plant consists of 4 modules

• the material lift – transfers material from ground floor to the crusher hopper

• crusher/feeder –crushes -60mm top size sample to -5mm in one operation. The crushed sample drops from the crusher onto a vibratory feeder which feeds the product over the rotary sample divider.

• rotary sample divider/feeder – consists of a rotary spindle to which segments of various sizes are attached. Unwanted samples drop to a vibratory feeder table which feeds the sample onto a conveyor.

• conveyor – transfers all waste material to a bin or waiting truck for removal.

This automatic machine ensures that the only work carried out by the operator is the loading of the sample material into the lift skip and removing the segment with the sample.

The Auto Sample Preparation Plant conforms to Australian Standard AS.4264.1