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Limited Free Space Oven

Also known as an Inherent Moisture Oven and Desiccators, this apparatus is designed to determine the moisture in coal in an inert atmosphere.

Wallerby Mining Products offer a range of Limited Free Space ovens ranging from 20 to 160 litre capacity.

The stainless steel bench mounted oven has 4 to 6 inserts which are fitted so that up to 4 or 6 samples can be dried at different intervals of time. The advantage being that the oven door can be opened at any time without losing oven temperature. This allows for a quicker recovery rate while maintaining a constant oven temperature.

A hose, pressure gauge and flow meter is connected to each module so that nitrogen can be passed over the individual samples. An additional part of the apparatus is a double desiccator which is used to cool the samples removed from the oven.

The oven is fitted with a programmable controller and is powered by 240 volt.

All parts are manufactured from stainless steel affording maintenance free life.

This equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS.1038-3