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Dilatometer Equipment

Wallerby Mining Products offer a wide range of equipment and services for dilatometer equipment ranging from moulds, retorts and pistons through to dilatometer presses, test kits and cleaning kits.

All moulds, retorts and pistons conform to ISO3264-1989 and AS.1038.

Moulds and Accessories

We offer a comprehensive range of moulds, press tools, tamping tools and pencil gauges.

All moulds are manufactured from high quality alloy steel.

All other accessories are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. Some of the include:

  • retorts and pistons
  • storage racks
  • cleaning kits consisting of drill and brush kits
  • dilatometer mould test kits. We offer a simple means of verifying the conformance of your moulds to the appropriate standard by using our mould wear gauge kit. Alternatively we can assess and report on the condition of your mould and offer a repair service if necessary.

Dilatometer Press

We offer 2 types of Dilatometer Presses

  1. Manual – The manual dilatometer press model consists of the standard frame, hydraulic ram and load cell. The hydraulic ram is activated by the hydraulic operated pump.
  2. Pneumatic or Electro – The pneumatic or electro hydraulic unit is operated by a pneumatic foot operated servo pump or electric pendant. The press is set to give the maximum force of 1500 kilograms. The overall physical size of the press is 450mm long x 400mm wide x 600mm high. The size of the power pack which is normally located under the work bench is 500mm long x 500mm wide x 580mm high.

Please view the dilatometer accessories pictures below.

Please view the dilatometer press pictures below.